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Terrific Book!

I loved this book — laugh out loud funny and incredibly moving at the same time. Full of insight, love and hope. A trip down memory lane for any boomer, Stephen has packed more into his life’s journey than most of us could in five lives combined and now he’s shared it with us. Do read it, you’ll be glad you did. – Chris W.

Awesome Book for Any Baby Boomer – or anyone dealing with one

Stephen Satterwhite is a high school classmate, so perhaps I’m not unbiased. I ordered the book not knowing what to expect and found a riveting story of the roller-coaster ride of a man who has lived a very full life and who has landed in a good place in life. Some of the stories will undoubtedly lead you to laugh, others will either lead you to cry or lead you to understand that not all of life is easy. And while Stephen is surely his own harshest critic at times, his humor comes through loud and clear. I loved the book, hope that he writes more and am proud to say that I knew him during his Boy Scout and High School Days. – Doug Allen

A Must Read For Anyone Who Has a Soul

Be prepared, because this is a “can’t put it down” book. As you whiz through the pages, you will come to know a man who has been through so many extreme highs and lows. He brings you the words with humor and sadness, revelations about his personal life and relationships with friends and family, and how they all influenced him. You will be rewarded at the end with a powerful message, if you can read through your tears. – Ellen Miller

Normally I’m Not a Book Reader, But I Had to Read This Book

Stephen Satterwhite is a wildly compassionate man. I have known him most of my life and his book is very revealing. He puts such passion in his writing and puts all of his life and emotions out there for the whole world to see and feel. When you read this story about one mans journey through life, you will laugh , you will cry and see how challenging life can be for many people. – Tom

Should Be a Compelling Read

Knowing Stephen, I am sure this will not disappoint the hopeful reader. Always funny, entertaining, deep and thoughtful, he has what it takes to represent baby boomer thinking. I am proud to be his sister and know that our parents are shining brighter right now. Stephen has never lacked the courage to do the right thing. This might just top the list of his life’s adventures to date. -Judith Kimmerer

A Boomer Memoir Full of Heart

True Stories of a Baby Boomer is not a straight forward memoir, but rather a series of simply told and extremely personal vignettes about the author’s life. Satterwhite begins by taking us back to his childhood and he paints a very vivid picture of what it was like to grow up in the 1950′s and come of age in the 1960′s. For those of us who lived through those times, it’s a trip down memory lane. He reminds us what it was like to “see the USA in your Chevrolet” and how the Beatles changed our lives forever. As he continues into adulthood, he shares with us his sweet successes as well as his devastating failures. Although he never pulls back in describing the difficult experiences, he also does so with a wry sense of humor about himself and the world around him.

My favorite chapter is “The Love of My Life” where he describes how he fell in love “at first sight” with the woman who he would spend the rest of his life with. It is tender and real and you end up liking Satterwhite very much.

His book has an extremely spiritual ending that pulls many of the stories together in an unexpected way. And like the rest of the book, is told with a voice full of warmth and sincerity. – Marsha Roberts

Riveting. Funny. Heartfelt. Open.

Holy guacamole, Batman, hang on! A bolt of electricity hit me when I saw the cover photo of this book! A faceless naval officer holding his boy in a mutual embrace, born of separation, fear, love and relief that only a father could know. The image mirrors the fiercely strong and yet subtle tone of Satterwhite’s book. Some of the best details were what he did not say…hmmmmmmm. I was swept into this story, as if my hair had caught fire! Like the first drop on a giant roller coaster, I could not stop, did not WANT to stop. I gasped, I laughed and I actually cried, time after time, as I realized that Satterwhite was writing my story (did he live in my house?!)…about fathers and sons and brothers and moms and sisters and Poppies and Nanas and this crazy house we call “family”! – Pix Doc

A Wonderful Read

Upon recommendation from a friend, I bought this knowing nothing about the man who authored this wonderful book. After finishing it, I feel like I’ve known him as a best friend. Instantly relatable to his obvious target market, Stephen weaves his memoirs into highly entertaining adventures. Great insights into families, relationships, raising kids, and surviving in business keep the pages turning. Also interesting are his ups and downs personally and professionally. You will probably see glimpses of yourself, if you are the right age, within his stories. It all feels so intensely real…his experiences and his revelations. His story is ultimately courageous and powerful. I admit to slowing down my reading as I neared the end. Stephen wrote amazing last chapters that really gave me a chance to reflect on my own life as well as his.One of the most enjoyable reads I’ve had in a very long time. I really hope he continues writing, as I would love to read his next chapters of his life. – Charles J. Sauer